001. please be respectful, i'd like to make this friendly and enjoyable~
002. i would appreciate if you were patient, drawing takes a lot of time to do!!
003. be sure read everything, it makes everything easier on me and you
004. try to be specific, as someone with adhd it helps! (makes it a lot easier on me:))
005. must credit with my username if posted anywhere: @aevyn_the_raven
006. always ask questions if you are confused, I'm new to this too :D
terms of service:
send your request through instagram or email
i can decline requests for any reason
prices are as seen unless i post otherwise, i will not bargain for lower prices or more artwork
half of payment is done up front through paypal or venmo in usd. The rest will be paid before getting the finished piece
understand that my artwork can take days to weeks to finish depending on my schedule
communicating is necessary to make a successful piece, please dm me for further information regarding communication
you may not use the purchased artwork for commercial use
refunds can only be given before i have started on the artwork, no refunds after it has been completed
i will not be changing anything in the artwork after they are completed
artwork files will be emailed to you
▸ the initial sketch will be sent to you to make sure it is to your liking and to have anything fixed before it will be lined
▸ i will periodically send your art in different stages to be approved and changed, any major changes will have to be done prior to lining, or i will have to charge an extra 25%
▸ canvas will be 300 dpi, sized to whatever fits the artwork and delivered in a png format, unless you asked otherwise.
▸ If there are any delays, I will let you know :)
▸ you can resize or crop to use the art to whatever you would like (icons, wallpapers, etc.) for non-commercial purposes. but do not alter or edit the original artwork yourself.
IMPORTANT: i will be posting my commissions on social media, please let me know if you do not want it to be posted
things i can draw:
your original character’s
fanart (usually books, tv shows, limited to what i know)
gore (to a certain extent)
other nonhuman features (ears, tails, horns, etc.)
things i can’t draw:
anything nsfw
real people/celebrities
very large/complicated scenes

examples and pricing:

add-ons: (usd)
extra character: 1.7x
complicated bg: 1.5x
extra details/props: + $1




what i generally need, form is not required: commission form

EllisColored Chest$21x
slots closed: (please wait to request until slots are open)
credit to qluvbot on youtube for the carrd ♡︎